Myrtle Beach State Park

We took advantage of a beautiful and warm March weekend to go camping and de-winterize our motorhome in preparation of a Easter week trip to Dandridge Tennessee.

We left on Friday morning and arrived at the state park around noon. Smooth traveling south on Hwy 17 out of Wilmington. Easy trip, no mechanical problems and checked in at the Ranger Station who directed us to our camp site (311).

Didn’t take long for jacks down, slide out and flag up! Our house batteries are weak and need to be replaced and that is what supplies power to our slide. The slide was very slow to come completely out…..

The house batteries were charging for an hour and half while we were on the road (I just read, that it takes about two days of charging to bring these batteries up to full charge) so I was kinda surprised at the slow rate it came out. On Sunday the slide came back in ok I will change out the batteries before we go to Tennessee.

I also installed a Maxx Aire vent cover on the roof over the bathroom vent. This will allow us to open the vent for circulation when it’s raining. While I was on the roof, I put some vinly repair tape on the corner of the awning. Some areas have become brittle over the years from sun exposure.

We started checking the systems after I hooked to shore power and Tammy checked the air conditioner, lights, etc. making sure we had power through out the camper. Next I hooked up the city water and this is where the fun started.

I went inside to help Tammy get the air out of all the lines and clear out the anitfreeze that we had pumped in the system. In a couple minutes Tammy found water coming out from under the kitchen cabinets.

To make long story short we found that where the city water connection came into the camper, the connection had come loose. I just tighten it up and it was good to go! It took longer to remove the outside shower box to get access to the connection then it did to fix the leak.

We took a break from the tinkering and we walked around the campground checking things out. There are 278 sites with 138 of them being full hookups. The park opened in 1936 and was the first South Carolina State Park

This is a popular state park for the locals, they have about one mile of beach access with a fishing pier and gift shop. There is a large area with grilles and covered shelters for family events. There is a fee for daily entrance to the park.

The weather was beautiful over the weekend and we were able to get out and walk on the beach and check the park out. Saturday afternoon we went out and had supper and checked the local area out before returning to the campground.

And before we knew it, it was time to go back home. We had a nice time, got the camper de-winterized and ready to roll to Tennesse

Thanks for visiting our site and please check back often for more updates of our travels seeking fun and sun. <><


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