We Have Snow In Wilmington NC

Fort Fisher rocks

I understand that we have not had snow in Wilmington since 2002.

Weather man has talked about a winter mix for the last week.  A system coming up from the south, running right along the coastline.  Forecasting for bad weather east of I-95. This is our 2nd winter in Wilmington and last year’s was pretty mild, which we really enjoyed.

This winter has been colder, we have had lows at night in the 20’s and a couple days of only high’s in the 30’s.  Historically all our bad winter storms come from the south.  When the weatherman says it’s coming the the south, we all perk up and buy the milk and bread! Oh, have you ever ate a milk sandwich?

Tammy checking out the fresh snow

The system was to be in our area on Wednesday afternoon starting as rain/freezing rain and sleet.  All this was to turn to snow after temps dipped back down Wednesday night.  This is a fast moving system and was forecasted to be finished after midnight.

I work at the Federal Courthouse downtown Wilmington and we got the word to shut it down at 2:30pm  It was cold and cloudy all morning, looking like it was gonna snow any minute.  When I left the building at 2:35pm it had started raining. About 4 PM it turned to sleet and then freezing rain and windy. Checked outside at 10PM and it was snowing!

Woke up on Thursday to sunshine and about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Tammy and I got out and walked around the neighborhood, it sure was pretty.  I cleaned the snow off the Jeep and we took off for the beach!  Went down to Kure Beach and Fort Fisher checking out the sights. Sure don’t see ice and snow around the beach much here.  A lot of folks out enjoying the sunshine.

So with the cold temps, it gonna take a few days for the stuff to clear out, usually our snows fall one day and gone the next.  Don’t think this one is gonna leave that quick.

We are ready for warmer weather.  Thanks for visiting our site and please come back!


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